Teaching a foreign language is a difficult process because  learners of it find everything new and strange. So language teachers should consider the cultural differences between the native language of the learners and the target language. As foreign language teachers we should try to find new ways to  teach effectively . We all know that there is no best method to teach. Day by day new contributions has been made. Nowadays we learn new techniques to use while teaching foreign languages such as NLP and multiple intelligence theory. Let’s look at these techniques. What is NLP? Neuro Linguistic Programming:

-Neuro : the mind or brain, nervous system- the five senses.

-Linguistic: both verbal and nonverbal language.

-Programming: Identifying and working with the programs that run our behavior, including our habits and unconscious behavior.

It is originated in America in the 1970s, builds on the idea Bateson, Chomsky, Korzybski and Erickson, and synthesized by Grinder-linguist; Bandler- mathematician. It provides a stucture for both understanding ourselves and others. We can train ourselves to think,speak and act in new and positive  ways in order to release the heights of achievements which we previously only dreamed of. NLP techniques help people learn abaout themselves and way of thinking about life. We as teachers can use NLP while trying to contribute successful communications with our students. We can make them understand each other, learn how to behave to the people around them also, make them learn how they see the life,  what their aims are and decide what they will do to reach them. What kind of techniques can we use to make the students learn their way of thinking about life in the classrooms? Of course there are lots of techiques but here I am limited to give all the examples as it will be too long. We can make our students draw some pictures like a tree, ahouse, a sun, a cloud, a path,some bushes and etc. When we explain their meanings, the students point of views about life may change or they may learn more about themselves. For example; a sun means how they look at life. If it is rising they are positive but if it is falling they are negative about life. Bushes shows their friends. İf they are close, they like their friends and they are in the circle.

As another techniques, we can make them draw some pictures about their present state, their actions and desired states. So we can have information about what our students want to do, how they will do, and what they think they will achieve. We can have the students use smiles. When they say  ‘x’ is like ‘y’, they will start making simple sentences in foreign language. We can use personal profile questionnaires to make them use the foreign language in pairs or in groups in the class.

There are a lot of NLP techniques which can be used in the class. These techniques will be helpful for the foreign language teachers to establish good communication with the students. And also we can activate our students during the lessons. With the help of these techniques, the process of language learning will be funnier and easier.